Area Of Practice:


In The Group Law Firm, we are licensed to plead before all Courts of Law and Judicial Committees and to represent our clients in any Arbitration proceedings in the state of Kuwait.

Legal Consultancy:

Advising our clients in matters related to Banking, Insurance, Construction, Distribution, Commercial Agencies and General Corporate related matters.

Due Diligence & Legal Studies:

There is an increasing demand from our clients to seek loans from credit companies & institutions, as well as the foreign companies, which desire to enter the Kuwaiti market. We prepare due diligence reports, which includes legal, financial, and marketing details.

Registration Procedures:

Establishing Companies, Joint Ventures in the state of Kuwait and GCC.

Intellectual Property:

Registration and Protection of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Licensing Agreements, Rights, Fees, Royalties, Industrial Designs and related Litigation.

Project Finance:

Joint Ventures, Project and Equity Finance, Venture Capital, Investment and Commercial Banking, Property Development, Financial Management Firms and High-Net-Worth Investors.

Banking & Finance :

The GLF has represented and advised large number of banks, foreign as well as local, including National Bank of Kuwait in matters such as credit facilities, syndication and works-out and in regulatory matters, and has also conducted large number of recovery cases for and on behalf of banks.

Civil Claims of All Kinds, including Damages:

A large number of civil claims including liquidation, mergers, and a variety of corporate work and civil litigation in these and other matters is being handled on a regular basis by the GLF.

Commercial Law:

The GLF has advised several multinational and local companies on matters relating to the sale of goods with its attendant legal complexities and has also conducted large number of cases for and on behalf of companies/corporations.


The GLF specializes in Conveyancing and has drafted large number of commercial contracts, joint-venturesagreements, manufacturing license agreements, lease agreements, lease-deeds, franchise agreements, trademark users' agreements, sale/purchase agreements, etc.

Corporate Law/Corporate Restructuring/Insolvency:

The GLF has been responsible for incorporation of large number of multinational companies/corporations. The GLF has vast experience in venture capital and private equity transactions, including representation of domestic and off-shore investment funds and advisers. The GLF acts for clients on a broad variety of matters in respect of their inward and outward direct investment and joint ventures and on-going general corporate, financial and commercial needs.

Employment Law:

The GLF has specialized department with number of lawyers who specialize in the Labour Laws and have advised most of the multinational and local companies/corporations and also conducted cases for and on behalf of employer and has represented its clients in various industrial/labour disputes between employer and employees.

Foreign Direct Investment:

The GLF has been involved in a number of foreign investments in Kuwait, both in the public and private sectors.

Infrastructure Development:

The GLF has acted as counsel for and on behalf of various international and local companies in a large number of domestic as well as international infrastructure and project finance ventures. The GLF assists with the preparation of documentation, negotiation between the parties, and works with the clients to evaluate and compile the facts and legal position of the said client.


The GLF has advised most of the multinational Insurance companies in Kuwait The GLF also acts on behalf of its clients with respect to insurance coverage disputes.

Medical Malpractices:

The GLF has acted in case of medical negligence. The GLF stands as Legal dealing with cases relating to medical malpractice has also dealt with various union and other staff/administrative members of the Hospital.

Non-Profit Organizations:

The GLF has Freedom House, Kuwait Cultural Society etc. as its clients and has advised them from time to time on legal matters.

Real Estate:

The GLF has also been involved in acquisition of commercial properties and real estate by multinational corporations and foreign investors as well as local investors.

Trusts & Probates:

The GLF has a variety of private clients, for whom it has drafted wills, obtained probate and dealt with the administration of the estates. Besides this, the GLF has also drafted a large number of trust instruments for various non-profit organizations.

Regional Coordination:

The GLF coordinates work involving multiple jurisdictions in the Region. The GLF recommends briefs and supervises local counsel in relevant jurisdiction as necessary for the conduct of the matter. The GLF has developed extensive personal and professional associations with the most qualified lawyers throughout the GCC & Middle East and often works with these lawyers on a closely coordinated and efficient basis.